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Welcome to Lexington Family Chiropractic!

1) You Will Get Treatment On Your  First Visit!--You're in pain--so why should you have to wait to feel better? Unlike some Chiropractic offices in Lexington, Dr. Gallentine doesn't want you to wait to get out of pain, so he will treat you on the first visit! You want to get out of pain fast, so make sure when calling a Chiropractic office, ask if they treat on the first visit.

2) We Accept All Major Insurance Plans--We are "in network" with all major insurance plans. Therefore, we will submit the bills on your behalf to your insurance company. If you don't have insurance, we offer a New Patient Special.

3)  You Will Not Need To Come "Forever" (Unless You Want To!)--Let's face it, life is too busy to incorporate something "forever"--most of us can't even fit exercise into our daily routine. So at Lexington Family Chiropractic we understand that you might be worried about how many visits you'll need to come. But how long will you have to come? Well, it depends on your problems. If you've been suffering from a problem for a while, it can take a few visits to get you feeling better, and more if you want to get fixed. You didn't get that way overnight, and it won't get fixed overnight, but we will try! Of course, we would love if all the world would get Chiropractic care regularly to keep their body working at tip-top shape (and we will certainly explain to you why if you'd like to listen!)

4) We Value Your Time!--Your time is valuable--so why do you have to wait so long at most doctor's offices? Is your time not as valuable as the doctor's? NO WAY! At our office, we get you seen most times within minutes. And if there is a delay, we will apologize and explain to you why. You deserve that!

5) It's OK To Be Nervous!--This might be your first time choosing a Chiropractor and you're scared. Or maybe you're just looking for a new Chiropractor. Maybe someone told you to try a Chiropractor for your back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc, but you don't know what to expect. So that makes you nervous to try it. Anytime you're trying something new, it's a little scary at first, but Dr. Gallentine will explain what he is doing with each step. Dr. Gallentine went to 4 years of undergraduate college, then 4 years of Chiropractic school. Unlike "general practitioners", who only get a small portion of classes on the spine, Dr. Gallentine studied for 4 years on the spine and how it works! So you are in good hands! (No pun intended!)

6) Dr. Gallentine Uses Multiple Techniques To Get You Well--All Chiropractors are different--each one uses a different technique to get you well. Dr. Gallentine attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is considered the "Harvard" of Chiropractic Schools. Palmer teaches the technique "Palmer Package", which is a fancy way of saying "multiple techniques". Therefore, Dr. Gallentine uses several different techniques, depending on what your problem is and how you're responding. That means that you can get better faster!

7) You Won't Be Treated As "Just Another Patient"--We value you as our patient and we appreciate you choosing our chiropractic office over the many in Lexington. So we treat you like we want to be treated--like family! From the friendly voices over the phone, to the smiling faces when you arrive, you will see that we are different. (But don't take our word for it--check out our "Testimonial" page to see what our patients are saying about us!) Oh, and for that unfriendly glass window--you won't find that here! We want you to feel right at home.


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