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Posted on 12-18-2014

The condition commonly called a slipped disc does exist; the term “slipped disc,” however, is a misnomer. The technical term for this condition is a spinal disc herniation, which happens when an intervertebral disc that normally cushion vertebrae is injured or becomes weak. Intervertebral discs are made of two parts: a soft interior for shock absorption and a hard outer ring for stabilization. A herniated disc occurs when the interior portion of the disc protrudes through the outer ring.

The herniated disc is also called a bulging disc because the inside protrudes to the exterior of the disc. This happens more often with advanced age in people who remain active and people who do a lot of heavy lifting. If not treated before further activity, a bulging disc can affect the nerves surrounding the spinal column, causing extreme pain. Nerve damage can be prevented with a trip to a chiropractor in Lexington, Kentucky who can properly diagnose and treat your back pain.

There are different types of disc problems, related to where they occur in the back. Upper, middle and lower back pain due to bulging discs, usually remain confined to the back unless nerve damage affects the extremities. Bulging discs occur most commonly in the low back, but can also occur in the neck. A bulging disc in the low back can cause Sciatica, which is pain that  radiates to the legs. A bulging disc in the neck can cause pain radiating down the arms. Herniated discs that are not treated or do not respond from conservative care, might require surgery.

Chiropractors believe in the physical manipulation of joints in order to relieve pain and restore proper spine function, without surgery. Chiropractic care is sufficient for mild to moderate back pain, and often is used in conjunction with other types of medical treatment for more extreme cases. So, if you are suffering from a bulging or herniated disc, see a chiropractor in Lexington to prevent further damage and complications.

Dr. Heath Gallentine

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