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Posted on 04-13-2015

 “Slip disc” is a term that people use commonly to refer to intense pain in the back. So what exactly is a disc and does a “slipped disc” really exist? Well, a disc is cartilage that provides cushion between every two vertebra of the spinal cord. A disc can visually be thought of as a jelly donut. It has a tough cartilage structure outside which encompasses a soft cartilage. A disc does not actually slip; the right terms associated with disc issues are herniated disc and bulging disc.

In a herniated disc, the outer cartilage of the disc tears and the inner softer cartilage starts oozing out. This can be a result of injury. This can cause pressure to nerves and the spinal cord. A bulging disc is said to occur when the size of the disc increases and it becomes bigger than the space where it is supposed to fit. The outer cartilage starts bulging out from the vertebra cavity. Think of it as a hamburger that’s too big for a bun. This usually occurs with aging. Many times, a bulging disc does not even cause pain.

Visit your chiropractor in Lexington KY, as soon as you develop pain in your back. Any issue related to the spinal cord needs to be treated ASAP. The chiropractor will conduct x-ray and other tests to determine what problem in the disc is causing the pain. Then as per the test reports and your symptoms he will choose the treatment technique which will help you the most with the pain and healing.

Chiropractic techniques for herniated and bulging disc include spinal manipulation, physical therapy

  modalities, and flexion- distraction amongst others. These techniques involve alignment and light and précised stretching in a manner that moves the affected disc away from the nerves it is pressing. This leads to lowered pressure and thus reduces pain and increases movement. Don’t be hesitant in asking your chiropractor in Lexington KY, the reason for a particular technique and how it will help.

In a nutshell, a herniated and bulging disc if left untreated for a long time can develop severe issues, so visit a chiropractor and undergo the process to treat it. So give us a call here at Lexington Family Chiropractic and start getting relief from your pain.

Dr. Gallentine

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