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Posted on 05-05-2015

A chiropractor is best known as a doctor who alleviates back and neck pain by manipulating the spinal column. However, the full range of chiropractic care is broader than that and can help with pain relief throughout the body. At Lexington Family Chiropractic, we want to do more than just treat any pain you have. We're interested in helping you live a more healthy and vibrant life.

Where should you begin?

It all starts with an initial consultation. The doctor and you discuss what your pain issues are, where they are located, how bad the pain is and how often the pain is present. We'll discuss what causes your pain. Poor sitting habits or just sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain. We also treat migraines, headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain and other joint pain. We'll discuss what you can do to avoid pain in the future.

What should you expect from your first session?

When you're ready, the chiropractic care can begin. Each session involves some therapy treatments of the focus area followed by the spinal manipulation. Some people are mildly surprised the first time this happens, but the quiet "popping" or "cracking" noise is actually harmless. The noise is the gas that is being released from between the vertebrae as they are lining up the way they're supposed to be. If you've ever popped your knuckles, you know the sound.

How can you supplement your chiropractic treatment?

Things like proper exercise and eating healthy can have tremendous results in reducing pain. Our staff is well-trained in these areas and can give you expert advice. Another part of the initial visit is X-rays of your spine or other body parts so we can see how it's aligned and what needs to be done to straighten it out. We'll show you what needs to be adjusted. If we see something in the X-ray that needs attention from a different kind of doctor, we'll let you know. Our staff can help you find a doctor for that. A good example of this is jaw pain. Sometimes this is caused by an abscess tooth. That means a visit to the dentist!

If chiropractic care is something you've ever wondered about, we'll be glad to discuss it with you and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Dr. Gallentine

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