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Posted on 10-26-2015

You were out in the yard raking when, oh no!  You bend over to pick up your rake and your back is suddenly in terrible pain!  "I've thrown out my back!" you think,but what does that mean, and more importantly, how do you fix it?  Don't worry, most 'thrown backs' can be fixed on your own, but knowing when to see a doctor is also important.

What is a "Thrown Back"

When someone "throws out their back" their back hasn't really gone anywhere.  More often than not it's a spasming muscle from moving to quickly or in the wrong way.  If your back pain is sudden and you've been doing a lot of activity, try some home remedies first.

Do not try to work through severe back pain.

Relax the muscles of your back by lying on your stomach on a stiff, flat surface (think floor, not bed).  This is the most relaxing position for your back.  You may also want to ice your back for a few 20 minute periods before applying heat.  Ice will take down any swelling that is occurring and heat will help the healing process.  Finally, take some anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen (Advil, Bayer, or Aleve) to reduce any inflammation.

If the pain persists call Dr. Gallentine.

If it's been a couple of days and the pain is still severe it might be something more serious and it's time to see a doctor about back pain relief.One possible cause for the pain is a slipped disk. If you have weakness, numbness, or tingling in your limbs or on one side of your body, if the pain worsens when you lie down, or gets worse after walking even short distances it's time to see a specialist.  Some even less likely possibilities are infections and spine fractures.  If you have a fever along with acute back pain, seek medical attention right away. While sudden back pain is annoying and problematic, it is often nothing to worry about, but if your back pain won't go away, contact us to find some relief!

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