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Posted on 11-27-2015

Headaches are a fact of life, because triggers both mechanical and physical must be processed. Headaches manifest as quiet nagging pain, pounding like a bass drum or literally blinding pain.  Knowing the triggers aids in preventing headaches in addition to recognizing how the body itself can be a trigger. If folks can think through the pain, they will know that headache treatment without chemical side effects is as close as calling Lexington Family Chiropractic.

About Those Triggers

The Mayo Clinic characterizes headaches as primary and secondary. Primary headaches Mayo describes as "chemical activity in the brain, the nerves or blood vessels outside the head or the neck and head muscles or a combination of these".  Primary headaches include migraines, cluster headaches and tension headaches. Primary headaches can be caused by a hangover, processed foods high in sodium, poor sleep or the lack of it, stress, and poor posture.

Secondary headaches are described as a symptom of a disease. People with sinus infections and dental problems will see this occur. The nerve system sends pain signals to the brain which then sends signals back to the offending body part that a headache is on the way. Diseases causing the trouble include concussion, flu, meningitis, dehydration, ear infections and encephalitis, to name a few. Outside influences causing pain in the head come from too-tight headphones, brain freeze from ice cream and spinal trouble.

How Does the Spine Work?

The spine is an amazing thing. It carries signals from the nerves to the brain, it supports the body in all its many postures, it bears the weight when we carry groceries, babies or moving boxes, and it’s a shock absorber, so to speak. It is flexible at times and rigid at other times. If you look at a picture of the spine, it looks like a stack of poker chips of varying heights. These are the support structure. Between them are the discs. These keep the whole thing flexible. Nerves are packed in there, with the whole surrounded by the muscles that provide stability.

How Does it Cause a Headache?

The American Chiropractic Association blames most primary headaches on posture. Americans sit at their keyboards day in and day out in one posture, which makes the neck and spine tense. Tension headaches result. 

How Chiropractic Helps

When a chiropractor adjusts the spine and neck, the tension is released. The doctor will also advise patients concerning their nutrition, posture, exercise and relaxation movements. In most cases, one or two treatments is all it takes to ditch the headaches, the Excedrin and return to normal practices.

There are many different methods of alleviating pain, all of which Dr. Gallantine uses to get patients pain-free on their first visit. If that sounds good to you, please contact us for more information.

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