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Posted on 12-21-2015

When you think of visiting a chiropractor, it's likely you're thinking of pains in your back and neck. Chiropractic adjustments can have a wealth of benefits across your body though - even in the most surprising places.

Chiropractic adjustments for your heel and arch pain can offer a number of benefits for people from all walks of life, even those without existing issues. Here are a few ways that your chiropractor can help improve your quality of life by making adjustments for your feet.

Heel Pain

Whether you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, or any other number of heel-dwelling syndromes, pain that exists in the heel of your foot can have some of the strongest impacts on your life. Most of us walk with a heel to toe strike, reminding you with every step that your foot is in pain. Heel pain is common for those in the service industry and is often a side effect of standing for long periods of time - especially in uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes. Repetitive stress injuries in some sports can also cause heel pains, so be sure that whether you are working or playing, you are in the best shoes possible.

Ball of Foot Pain

Referred to as metatarsalgia, pain in the ball of your foot can be extremely difficult to deal with. It can be chronic or acute, and can have many people up off their feet for weeks at a time. It's not uncommon for ill-fitting shoes - especially dress shoes that are pointed at the toe and cause stress in that area of the foot - to be a cause of the problem. Women who wear high heels (especially those over 3") may be especially prone to metatarsalgia, as these shoes move your weight to the ball of your foot.

Side of Foot Pain

A common injury among athletes - especially runners - pain in the sides of the feet often feels like an uncomfortable tightness that just won't go away. It can stretch anywhere from the outside of your foot to the inside of your foot, along your arch. Your ankle can also be affected with side of foot pain, adding a whole new range of pain to your foot issues. A number of issues and contribute to side of foot pain, including bunions, ankle stress and sprains, flat feet, and even tendonitis. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help alleviate all of these - even a bunion.

With proper adjustment, the hundreds of joints, bones, nerves, and muscles that reside in our feet form natural curves and arches which work to support our bodies. Sports, improper shoes, and long hours standing break down these natural arches.

Through chiropractic care, these natural arches can be re-established, and foot pain can be eliminated. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about how chiropractic alignment can help release you from your foot pains!

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