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Posted on 01-29-2016

When you have back pain doing the Cha-Cha and Tango is difficult not to mention every day activities. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie however the term sciatic involves the inflammation or compression (also referred to as a pinched nerve) of the sciatic nerve or nerve roots in the lower spine. Pain is either intermittent or constant, usually occurring on one side of the body and gradually intensifies over time. 

Other causes include:

Herniated discs – (Also known as slipped disc, bulging or ruptured disc) involving the rupturing of the outer covering of the disc.

Spinal stenosis – The narrowing of the spaces in the spinal column that compresses the spinal cord or nerve roots.

Advanced stages of Osteoarthritis of the spine – Pieces of cartilage that break off and float around inside the spinal joints.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Symptoms

Now that you know what’s keeping you from having fun let’s address the symptoms and relief. Sciatic nerve pain radiates anywhere from the lower back, buttocks, down the back of the leg to the foot. In some cases some experience numbness and pain resembling a "prickling sensation." No wonder sitting, standing and walking is so difficult!

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Receiving the right treatment depends on treating the pain and root cause of the problem. In severe cases bed rest is temporarily recommended, application of a hot/cold compress, anti-inflammatory medications and most important mobility through exercise and stretching. Since the muscles in the spinal area are tight doing simple stretches may loosen the muscles giving the sciatic nerve room. Muscle spasms also aggravate Sciatic flare-ups, a so a good massage works wonders. To determine which stretches and exercise work best consult your chiropractor.

Don’t let sciatic nerve pain limit you. Life is too short so get out there and enjoy it! Dr. Gallentine and the staff at Lexington Family Chiropractic take pride in providing you with quality chiropractic wellness care. The chiropractor will correct your spine utilizing “state of the art” techniques that will put you and your back on the road to recovery in no time. Have questions or concerns? Contact us today to schedule at consultation.

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