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Posted on 03-24-2016

Numbness in the hands can be a puzzling condition. It is not always evident what is causing the numbness, therefore those in the medical profession will typically perform some tests to determine which area of the body the numbness is actually stemming from.

Two of the most common issues that will cause numbness in the hands are carpal tunnel syndrome and a pinched nerve in the cervical region of the spine. Often patients will complain of their hands going numb while they are sleeping and will only find temporary relief when they change positions. Others will have issues with pain and numbness when they try to do repetitive tasks such as typing, working with carpentry equipment or any other types of tasks that require repetitive use of the hands.

The first thing a chiropractor will do with a patient who is having trouble with numbness is to determine where the problem is stemming from. They most likely will ask questions about when the numbness occurs, whether or not the fingers on both hands are affected and which fingers are numb as well. They may take X-rays of the cervical area if they suspect a pinched nerve in the neck is the cause.

Once a chiropractor determines why the patient's hands are going numb, they may recommend a multitude of treatments. If they think the cause is primarily stemming from the cervical area they will perform chiropractic adjustments in that region and they may also recommend a different type of pillow for their patients to use at night.

If a chiropractor determines the cause is primarily carpal tunnel syndrome, they may recommend the RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation and/or wrist braces to wear at night to prevent the hand from bending which places more strain on the inflamed area. They may also perform chiropractic adjustments if they feel it would be helpful. Regardless of the cause, they will also most likely recommend some physical therapy exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles to help provide the proper support and stabilization of the affected area.

For more information on how chiropractic adjustments may help for numbness in your hands, please contact us.

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