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Posted on 04-14-2016

When the adrenal glands don't function optimally, adrenal fatigue is often the result. Adrenal fatigue is typically associated with intense and chronic stress. As the name suggests, this syndrome presents as persistent fatigue that isn't cured by adequate sleep. Adrenal fatigue is more than inconvenient; in its most severe cases, it can disrupt your daily life. Below we will discuss some of the health conditions related to adrenal fatigue:

Depression. Adrenal glands are involved in many processes in our body, including our cognitive function, mood, and our mental state. While high cortisol levels are associated with anxiety and depression, low cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue are often linked to mild depression. Additionally, adrenal fatigue is also frequently associated with other cognitive issues, like "brain fog" and difficulty concentrating.

Allergies. Cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands, is commonly referred to as a stress hormone, but it's also an anti-inflammatory. Most allergies involve the release of substances that produce inflammation, like histamine. Adrenal fatigue inhibits the adrenal glands' ability to produce the appropriate amount of cortisol to counteract the inflammation associated with allergic reactions. Thus, sufferers of adrenal fatigue often notice an increase or worsening of their allergies.

Herpes. For people infected with the herpes simplex virus (HSV), outbreaks recur at varying frequencies. Outbreaks are often triggered by high stress levels and immune system suppression. The decreased cortisol production during times of adrenal fatigue is associated with immune system suppression. Therefore, people with adrenal fatigue who are also infected with HSV are more likely to suffer from herpes outbreaks.

Fibromyalgia. While the cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown, it's widely accepted that stress is a contributing factor in its development. Fibromyalgia typically presents as widespread and chronic pain in the muscles and connective tissues. Other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia include memory fog, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Many of these symptoms are also characteristic of adrenal fatigue, making it likely that fibromyalgia is linked to low adrenal gland function. Not surprisingly, people with fibromyalgia are more likely to have adrenal fatigue.

These are just a few of the several conditions associated with adrenal fatigue. If you think you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, chiropractic care for your adrenals can help. One of the goals of chiropractic care is to ensure that your entire body-- including your adrenal glands-- is functioning optimally. Chiropractic care can help find and remove interferences in the nervous system so that your adrenal glands can function properly. For more information, contact us today.

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