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Posted on 05-01-2016

Is it actually possible to do a chiropractic adjustment for thyroid issues? How does the thyroid connect to chiropractic care?

The connection is this. People who suffer from hypothyroidism may also have musculoskeletal complaints. These problems may be arthritis, joint degeneration, carpal tunnel syndrome, slow recovery from injuries, and back pain (caused by obesity). These types of complaints may lead a patient to a chiropractor.

These various symptoms can be caused by an underlying problem with the thyroid. A chiropractor can run lab work and identify a thyroid problem. How is it that a chiropractor may be able to identify what a primary care physician may miss?

The reason is the licensed chiropractor is trained not only in spinal manipulation, but also in diagnostic techniques. He is taught to look for underlying causes of health. His training is in anatomy, histology, physiology, pathology, and lab diagnosis. The later half of the education of a doctor of chiropractic differs from a medical doctor in that the doctor of chiropractic focuses on nutrition, diet, and spinal manipulation. An MD doctor focuses on courses in pharmacology.

Therefore, while a chiropractic practitioner does not actually adjust the spine for a thyroid disease, he can, by proper diagnosis, help the patient to understand the underlying cause of his various complaints. Then the patient, through the chiropractor's recommendation, is directed to a medical physician to deal with the thyroid issue.

A chiropractic practitioner can offer guidance regarding nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. It is not possible to do a chiropractic adjustment to solve a thyroid problem, since that is a hormonal issue. However, with proper diagnosis, medical treatment, and also nutritional and lifestyle changes, it is possible to help solve the thyroid problem, which is in turn at the roots of musculoskeletal problems.

Contact us if you have nagging problems that defy diagnosis by a medical doctor. It may be a thyroid problem. We can help.

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