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Posted on 06-12-2016

Imagine, if you will, drawing up a contract on a one-of-a-kind dream home. It has all the bells and whistles and you couldn't be more excited.

Now imagine, just before you sign on the dotted line, the realtor says "Oh, by the way, the foundation is weak and compromised."

We are pretty sure you would stop in mid-sign. If the foundation is weak and messed up, the rest of the house will eventually fall into disrepair.

Think of your spine as the foundation to your body. If you look beyond your skeletal system to your spine, you will find your nervous system safely tucked in behind bones.

Let's briefly look at how your nervous system works.

Your body sends messages through your nerves to your spinal cord. From there the messages travel to your brain. Your brain processes them and sends out its response back through the spinal cord to the appropriate nerves which then take the command to the corresponding part of the body.

While this might sound very simple, it is an amazing and complex system. The spine/brain/body connection effects your daily living. Spinal health is foundational to the health of your entire body.

If your spinal cord should break, you would lose all feeling below the point of injury because the communication will be cut off between brain and body.

Your spine provides support, stability, ease of motion and makes it possible for you to run that 5K by absorbing the shock created as you move.

If you experience a subluxation (a misalignment of the spine that puts pressure on the spinal nerves, muscle system, tendons and ligaments) your body will send signals that something is very wrong. Some symptoms are dizzy spells, numbing in various areas (depending on the nerve in distress), and pain.

The beauty of chiropractic care is that when adjustments are performed, the spine returns to alignment and ultimately health is restored as your body begins the healing process.

Contact us and find out how we can help keep your spine in optimum health. Let's keep your "foundation" healthy for a long, healthy life!

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