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Posted on 06-30-2016

Injury of the shoulder can be debilitating, limiting the use of both the arm and back, and is a common complaint in athletes – especially swimmers, volleyball players, and pitchers. Those whose employment requires repetitive arm motion, such as carpenters, construction workers, welders, and slaughterhouse workers, can also be at increased risk. In most patients presenting with shoulder pain, tendonitis or tearing of the rotator cuff is a factor. Any impingement, or anomaly of position between the rotator cuff and surrounding ligaments, muscles, and joints, can cause inflammation and bursitis and increase risk of tearing.

Signs of Injury

Although some shoulder injuries may only be minor irritations that can resolve with a few days’ rest, there are some indicators that might suggest professional evaluation is necessary. Rotator cuff impingement can present as a constant, aching pain, with some arm positions producing an even sharper pain. Injury of the rotator cuff results in reduced mobility of the arm and shoulder and often follows an event (falling on the shoulder, pulling the arm, or pain after lifting weight). If pain is sharp or does not lessen after a few days, seeking treatment is advised.

Chiropractic Approaches

Chiropractic interventions have been shown to improve rotator cuff impingement. After a chiropractor has assessed the injury, he or she may apply pressure to the surrounding muscles, prompting the spasms to relax. A chiropractor may also massage the affected area with palpitations of the fingers, reducing patient sensitivity and relieving discomfort. Ice can then be applied to reduce inflammation of the shoulder. After massage, a chiropractor may also choose to apply ultrasound phonophoresis, which is associated with faster recovery times and reduction of soreness. The patient can enhance the treatments by following any exercise or physical therapy recommendations a chiropractor makes, sometimes also in conjunction with a non-prescription corticosteroid.

Visiting a chiropractor can enhance speed of recovery in those suffering from shoulder injuries. The combination of manipulation, massage, and other treatments offered can help to reduce inflammation, ease discomfort, and strengthen the affected region to reduce risk of reinjury. For more information about how to alleviate impingement syndrome, please contact us.

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