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Posted on 07-31-2016

The human body has trillions of cells making up the body parts, which are in a continual state of destruction and growth. Each cell has a lifespan particular to the cellular system of the organ or body part to which it belongs.

For instance, the red blood cell lives about four months and then is filtered out, recycled and replaced by a new red blood cell. Bone is constantly being destroyed by cells called osteoclast cells, and is constantly being rebuilt by osteoblast cells. This process takes about ten years before the human bone structure is replaced.

Regeneration of liver tissue is well-known. Full liver function can regenerate from as little as 25% of the liver. Kidney, heart and lung regeneration are just beginning to be understood.

For centuries medical science believed conclusively that brain tissue had no capability of regeneration. Until now. The growth potential of the human brain during adult life, or after an injury such as a stroke, is called brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the hottest topic in the field of brain science today. A neuron takes about six months to achieve maturity and about another 2 years to gain full functionality. The study and understanding of brain metabolism is also playing a role in understanding brain regeneration.

What does all of this mean in terms of self-sustaining and self-healing in regards to our personal health?

Understand that the mechanism of destruction and growth at the cellular level is a natural fluid state of the body. All we have to do is support this with healthy habits of eating and exercise, and avoid damaging toxins and injury.

If your body is exposed to toxins, stop the exposure, and remove the toxins by detoxification of the body. Then allow the body's natural processes to regain your health. If you suffered an injury, support the natural process of healing with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

Lexington Family Chiropractic is a friendly place of holistic healing that will help your body regain its natural healthy status by promoting natural healing thru chiropractic care, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, and more.

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