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Posted on 11-24-2016

It's getting close to that time of year again: holiday shopping! Some people either adore the shopping season, cope with it enough to get what they need, or some absolutely can't stand it. Whatever the case may be for you, the stress and pain that accompanies those shopping sprees effect just about everyone, so before you rush out to buy that new TV, read these tips on how to avoid getting hurt, both mentally and physically, this holiday season.

One of the biggest negatives of the holiday season is the mental stress and exhaustion of trying to purchase all your gifts in time for that big day. Stress can be draining, but it can also be responsible for a lot of physical pain as well. During stressful situations, our hearts beat faster, muscles tighten, and our blood pressure increases, which if this occurs too often can cause physical pain and other issues.

In order to maintain this stress, and avoid hurting yourself, manage your shopping sprees and plan them out. Don't wait until the last-minute! Get a head start on that shopping now and reduce the stress of trying to buy things while everybody else is. It may not seem like much, but reducing those stress levels by starting early is a great way to make the holidays more enjoyable.

Once you plan out your trips to the store, stay conscious as to what you're holding. Heavy bags make your joints and muscles work much harder, and if held for too long can cause muscular pain and other issues. Take trips to the car and drop some of those heavy bags off before moving on to the next store, it'll free up your arms and reduce the physical stress on your body.

It's also important to wear walking shoes! Holiday shopping usually brings about lots and lots of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and avoid hurting your posture and getting pain in your feet. Sometimes, the best cure for this type of pain is a good massage, which we at Lexington Family Chiropractic offer in our spa-like facility!

Holiday shopping will always have its ups and downs, but by planning accordingly, managing those stresses can become much easier. If you experience any pain or have questions about further preventing muscle or joint damage, make sure to contact us now and let us help you make the holidays a little more enjoyable!

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