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A Typical Visit To The Chiropractor
By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

For many, the thought of going to a chiropractor can be just as nerve racking as going to a medical doctor or dentist, but understanding what to expect from a chiropractic visit can ease much of that fear. 

The first thing to understand is that a chiropractor does not just start messing with someone's back performing a bunch of guess work, hoping they are doing it properly.  No, they are not quacks, but rather highly trained professionals that can even utilize equipment specialized for their particular field.  The goal of the field is to create wellness for the entire body by using spinal manipulations to align the spine, often alleviating pain elsewhere in the body as well.

Those visiting a chiropractic office for the very first time can expect a scenario similar to visiting a doctor's office for the first time, with the patient first being asked to fill out paperwork regarding the patient's health history and the nature of the visit.  The chiropractor will also want to know things like what the symptoms are, how severe the pain is, if the pain is isolated to just one area, how the injury happened, how long the pain has been felt, and how long it lasts.  He or she will use this information to try to pinpoint the cause of the pain and to determine what treatment course is best.  Other standard neurological tests may be necessary to better isolate the cause of the pain.
Depending on how these tests read, they might be useful in narrowing the location or cause of a problem.  All and all the visit should last about an hour.

What Not To Expect From A Typical Chiropractic Visit (Chiropractic Myths)
-Chiropractors only treat back pain
-Chiropractic care must be life long once started
-Chiropractic care is expensive
-Chiropractic care is not based on science
-Chiropractors are not trained as well as a medical physician
-Spinal adjustments are dangerous
-Spinal adjustments are painful
-Chiropractors are only needed if there is pain in the back
-The popping sound is a bad thing
-An individual can achieve the same results by "cracking" his or her own back
-Children and infants cannot see a chiropractor for adjustments
-It only takes one adjustment to fix the problem

Although a chiropractic visit can be different in some ways, it is also similar to any trip to the doctor or dentist. Knowing what to expect can make that visit as relaxing as possible.

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