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Alleviating Pain Through Chiropractic

By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

When it comes to pain management, chiropractic always stands out. Your experience of pain may be varied including but not limited to neck pains, low-back pains, etc., but your chiropractor can give you an immediate relief for your pain. Being conservative, your chiropractic care employs no drugs and thus no side-effects. With a long-running tradition of more than 2000 years, chiropractic now employs modern tools like xray, and CT scans for diagnosis.

A nonconservative medical care may help you to alleviate the pain as long as you keep eating the drugs. Sun goes down; the darkness comes again. The very same way, once you stop taking your drugs, the pain reincarnates. Not to wonder why, this is because, when present in your body, the drug blocks the pain sensations to reach the pain processing center in your brain. This is like your body is experiencing the pain but you are not feeling it.

At a chiropractor, the approach is different. Chiropractic care mainly focuses on the skeletal system of your body. You may experience pain as a result of chronic conditions, ageing, or accidents. A misalignment in the bones will lead to stress in the surrounding tissues and thereby leading to pain. Here, the cause of your pain is investigated and treated providing you by changing the alignment to a less stressful orientation with an indefinite relief from pain. At your first visit, you chiropractor will dig into your past history investigating the cause of your pain. A physical and neurological examination may follow. Many chiropractors use modern technologies like x-ray and CT scans to get a view of your skeletal system.

Once the diagnosis is made, your chiropractor will palpate the region in question putting the bones in the right alignment. The repeated soft palpations will relax your bone from the stressed conditions. The exciting part of this therapy is that it provides immediate pain relief. Needless to mention, it is indefinite for a lifetime.

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