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Chiropractic - An Alternative For Sciatica

By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

Treatment of sciatica isn't something new in chiropractic. Chiropractors have been successfully treating these patients for a long time. Sciatica usually results from nerve compression stemming from the lower back. The condition is normally categorized by pain originating in the lower back or hip and further getting into either one or both the legs. Sciatic pain is defined as achy and dull, somewhat like electric shocks. Often, patients suffering from sciatica experience tingling or burning sensations. This type of pain can be further irritated by certain positions, like sitting or standing.

As far as the diagnosis of the problem is concerned, a chiropractor will first find out the cause behind the patient's condition. This calls for reviewing the medical background of the patient in addition to examining the patient, both physically and neurologically. Tests such as x -rays, CT scans or MRI can be conducted for detecting the potential contraindications to the different chiropractic therapies. A chiropractor aims at helping the potential of the body in healing itself. The treatment strategy is devised on the basis of the principle that limited spinal movement results in pain and decreased performance, because of misalignments of the spine. These spinal misalignments cause compression on the nerve extending from the lower back, through the buttocks, and down the leg-this is the Sciatic Nerve.

Now, there are different kinds of chiropractic therapies, chiefly depending on what has actually caused the condition. Chiropractors develop various plans to meet the individual demands of their patients. Ice therapies have proved to be quite helpful in reducing inflammation. Then, there is ultrasound, which is beneficial in increasing circulation and reducing pain, swelling, muscle spasms etc.

Spinal manipulation is the most popular and safe treatment for patients suffering from sciatic pain. The treatment frees the spine's limited movement and plays a significant role in restoring vertebral bodies that are misaligned to their right position. Reducing nerve irritability, the adjustments tend to reduce muscle spasm, inflammation, etc without causing any pain.

Differentiating chiropractic from the various disciplines in medicine, spinal adjustments are highly effective. However, your chiropractor may ask you to lie down or sit up in order to get you ready for the adjustment. The chiropractor may employ a completely different adjustment strategy when you visit him the second time. 

Being drug-free and non-surgical, chiropractic is becoming increasingly popular among the patients suffering from sciatica. So why not try Chiropractic care and decrease your reliability on temporary solutions-try an alternative that will fix the problem.

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