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Chiropractic Care Benefits Athletes

By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

Many athletes have long been aware of the benefits of chiropractic care.  It is hard to ignore the benefits when you are an athlete, constantly using the same joints repetitively, bending and twisting, and putting tons of stress on parts of your body that most people do not.  However, for those just embarking on a possible athletic career or anyone else that may be planning to take up a new sport for a hobby, it is a good idea to learn more about chiropractic benefits.

Celebrities Using Chiropractors
Celebrity athletes who are reported to seek regular chiropractic care include Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Andy Roddick, Lance Armstrong, and the list goes on.  In fact, Barry Bonds, a famous baseball player, has his personal chiropractor travel with him to his games.  It is his belief that both a chiropractor and a massage therapist should be a regular part of his health routine.

Chiropractic Benefits
The reason that many athletes choose to use chiropractors is that they can help prevent injuries, help keep an existing injury from worsening, and aid in physical performance.  Chiropractic treatment enhances the physical performance by increasing an athlete's capillary count, therefore increasing blood flow, which increases the flow of oxygen to the body.  Young athletes benefit from chiropractic care as well, not just seasoned professionals.  It might be especially important to have increased blood flow and oxygen levels when first starting out to prevent injuries often brought about by inexperience.

SpinalHealth.net reports that 7% of the San Francisco 49ers football team visited a chiropractor after they have won the 1990 Super Bowl
A study published in Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation in 1991 shows that there was a 30% improvement in the performance levels of participating athletes after just 12 weeks of treatment.
Chiropractic Economics claims that most of the NFL teams (95%) regularly provide chiropractic care as part of their player care routine.

Other Key Benefits to Athletes
-Posture improvement
-Joint pain reduction
-Better range of motion
-Increased focus
-Enhanced joint flexibility
-Reduced risk for injury
-Increased immune system efficiency
-Improved circulation
-Increased blood oxygen level and flow
-Provides a natural method for stress reduction and removal of toxins from the body
-Better recovery rate after injury

Most athletes obtain chiropractic care only after they have been injured, but this is not usually advised.  It is not a wrong thing to do.  However, prevention is the best recommendation and chiropractic care beforehand can help prevent many common injuries.  At the very least, regular chiropractic care can lead to a faster recovery if an injury does occur.  There are even chiropractors that specialize in various treatment techniques for athletes.

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