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Chiropractic Care For The Perfect Golf Swing
By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

Golf is a sport played by almost any country in the world, and though it is quite extravagant to maintain, teenagers and adults spend time and money for the love of the game. 

So how do golf and chiropractic science go together?  Do they have a connection?  A lot, actually.  Golf involves almost all the joints in the body - pelvis, mid and lower back, and the neck - the spine. And in the event that one part of that "breaks" or weakens, the other parts need to make up for the broken part, just like the hinges of a door.  If that part has been left unfixed and unable to do its job, the others will then have to work harder, and eventually wear faster than expected.  If the mid-back, for instance, weakens, and is left without being managed or improved, then pain and degeneration occurs, making it difficult to perform the usual and normal movements necessary for the sport.  This is why chiropractic care is vital and should be part and parcel of every golfer's career.

Golf involves a number of techniques.  These include the golf grip, golf swing, golf follow-through, and putting.  The golf grip is the best determinant for a good golf swing because it is the only contact you have with the golf club and with the ball, proper shoulder and arm positioning determines how well you can hit the ball.  Additionally, stunting good balance must begin here.  This gets you ready for a great golf swing.  The swing takes a lot of focus and concentration to get the precision needed.  Most importantly, the golfer should have the proper posture and body mechanics, and a significantly aligned spine to execute the best swing.  Ultimately, golf requires an athletic motion and position to be able to hit a perfect shot.  And having an aligned back is definitely the first step to achieving this.

Chiropractors are trained to manage and perform spinal manipulations and adjustments to prevent misalignment.  With spinal adjustments, vertebral subluxation is decreased and pain eliminated, in turn increasing strength, power, and precision - attributes that a golf enthusiast must posses.  Keeping his body in shape, particularly his spine, should be a top priority of every golfer's list.  It is a chiropractor's mission to fix that broken hinge, or better yet, to prevent that hinge from breaking in the first place.

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