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Chiropractic Healing - A Rising Alternative
By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

Along with about eighty years of introduction, enhancement, and evolution, Chiropractic Science has now truly etched a mark in the scope of healing. In fact, it has affected millions of people from all over the globe, and along with the increasing population growth comes with it the increasing need for chiropractic care to be introduced to new patients who are looking for a mainstay treatment to cure or relieve their ailments.

In every field of healing, there is always an entry point through which management and treatment takes place. For instance, in the field of Dermatology, a specialist injects or performs an operation to the skin in efforts of enhancing his patient's overall look. Or in Gastroenterology, a patient is injected with the appropriate medications that will target the culprits which are specifically found in his stomach or digestive system.

In the chiropractic profession, on the other hand, the vital part being manipulated to evoke cure or healing is the spine. The spinal column is defined as a bundle of nerve fibers and cells, and together with the brain, they make up the central nervous system. From that definition, we are made aware of the crucial role that the spine plays in controlling our everyday movements and activities. The spine encloses the spinal cord, which is the main switch of the nervous system. When a person's spine is not in its correct position because of underlying postural instability or injury, the nerve fibers that are regularly arranged within the cord become disrupted, further interfering with their normal functions. Vertebral subluxation has apparently occurred and this subsequently becomes the source of pain. This is where chiropractic art comes in.

The chiropractic profession does not only involve direct manipulation. It also includes an initial examination that will thoroughly assist in determining the exact level of spinal malalignment and help in making the appropriate adjustments that will unlock and fix the spine to normalcy.

Chiropractic manipulation is a different and more specific way to approach back pain, neck pain, overuse, and other distressing conditions that have mostly caused us to wean from our everyday chores and activities. It does this effectively by restoring joint mobility and flexibility, and consequently by allowing us to return to a pain-free and stress-free life.

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